Why arch supports?

Arch supports help to support the feet by lessening fatigue and helping feet keep from slipping into the toes of the shoes. By using arch supports, body weight is distributed more evenly over the bottom of the foot and even in the heels.

How do I “break them in”?

As with any new shoe, wear them around the house for a day to get used to them. Try the lowest arch support that is comfortable for you for a few hours, and build up wearing time each day. Wear hosiery to generally reduce friction. (We love nylon toe covers in the summer.)

Can I wear the arch support inserts in my other shoes?

No, sorry. Evelyn Ford Luxury shoes are designed and built as a system. While the inserts can be used from one EFL style to the next, our insoles and inserts have a patent-pending design that makes them unique in fit and comfort to any other brand.

Can I wear the shoes without the arch support inserts?

Yes. As part of the EFL system, the shoes have gel embedded in the forefoot, under the ball of the foot, and a foam layer throughout. Someone without an arch (flat feet or fallen arches) can benefit from the gel, foam and thoughtful construction. You can add or remove your inserts anytime you feel it would be more comfortable.

Why Magnets?

A foot can generate a lot of shear force inside a shoe. By using powerful neodymium magnets, we have created the perfect amount of stability to keep your inserts in place, but also make them easy to remove for our customers who prefer to wear the shoes without inserts. It also allows for a closed lining that stays cleaner and looks more elegant. Magnets were the best option to meet all of those goals.

Where are the shoes made?

The finest shoes in the world have traditionally been made around Milan, Italy, with Vigevano being especially renowned for some of the most luxurious brands. Evelyn Ford Luxury shoes are made there, where craftspeople have literally been making shoes for generations. There are small factories for every process: heels, outsoles, insoles, ribbons, zippers, etc. Families and skilled trades people who live and breathe shoe design work together to make Evelyn Ford Luxury’s collections come to life. It’s a privilege to work with them and bring their beautiful work to you.

Are magnets beneficial?

Maybe, but that’s not why we use them. In case there are some benefits, we have placed the magnets in the best position to energize the foot. 

Are magnets harmful?

No, not usually. It is recommended that magnets are kept 18 inches from pacemakers or other embedded medical devices. If you have one of these devices, please check with your doctor about any risks the magnetic field from the shoes might present for you. If you are pregnant, ask your doctor about any risks involved wearing shoes with magnets, just to be sure.

How can I contact you?

Please sign up on the mailing list! You can put in your size and any other info you would like to share. We are always looking for ways to make our shoes better and would love to have you in our community for feedback. You can also contact us at info@evelynford.luxury.